Healthy crueltyfree organic food is extremely important and basic for growing up children!
    Raise a child with the highest values of life, respect, education and awareness for mother earth, our future and the next generations.
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    Children deserve a happy healthy life and environment.

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    Make the connection from farm to fridge.
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    V4AC and the UN say : The future is vegan!
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'Fly Little Angel' is a song for 'Sea Shepherd'. This is an organisation fighting for our oceans, and every being that lives in it, like dolphins, whales, babyseals etc.. All revenues of the song go to Sea Shepherd to support their projects...
Stop the killing of dolphins now!

Together we can make the change!

What is V4AC?ANBI goedgekeurddoel-92

V4AC is a prestigious foundation with a message and on a mission.
We are looking ahead, and we are breaking new ground concerning food and health with a fantastic new Awareness Children's Schoolprogram containing several subjects, with no.1 the importance of healthy food.

Our keywords are upbringing, information, education and awareness.
We are working with and train international schools that want to serve nutricious meals and snacks that provide the daily needed vitamines, minerals and proteïns.
Good healthy food is essential, extremely important, and basic for growing up children.

After research too many times we noticed fastfood is still served and considered normal in schools, and that is the main reason for most health-, learning- and behaviour problems!

Important is that we teach our children what is healthy food, what is in their food and what it does to their body and their life.

To create a highly accessible atmosphere we support information and lessons with music and footage.

We organise schooltrips to festivals with information about healthy high quality food in a friendly professional environment, where several events will take place such as musical shows, seminars, demonstrations, lectures etc..

We promote a lifestyle that is very healthy, vegetarian/vegan, a blessing for animals and the environment, organic, absolutely without Genetically Manipulated Organisms and 100 % crueltyfree.

What we ask from you is to support us in our quest to make this world a better healthier crueltyfree place for the next generations!
Please DONATE so we can expand, purchase and create information and schoolmaterial for our lessons, support schooltrips, organise (bigger) events, hire and train more professionals, involve parents in the projects, provide for children with little budgets and start and support international projects.

Information is crucial in a world where resources are fast decreasing, animalcruelty is totally out of hand and people are getting unhealthier by the day.
Let's start as early and young as possible, in schools and make children aware of the importance of healthy crueltyfree food!

We can do it, with your help and support!

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